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  • Team HCS - Howe Chartered Surveyors - goodbye 2018 hello 2019

    HCS – Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

    By Natasha Howe MRICS As we approach the end of 2018 and before the man in the red coat comes down our chimneys, we have reflected on a superb 2018 here at HCS. We said hello to 3 new staff members – Alexandra Hinton (Admin and Business Development), Richard Palmer (Building Surveyor) and Natasha Howe MRICS (Associate Director). We celebrated great achievements! Our Daniel ...

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  • Building Surveyors

    Building Surveyors: A Diverse Bunch

    By Daniel Bailey BSc(Hons) MRICS I have often been asked, “so what do you do?”. This has been a tricky question to answer due to the diverse scope of services that we offer. Whilst it remains a Building Surveyors bread and butter to diagnose defects and identify potential problems, project work has driven the need to bridge a gap. ...

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  • 24/10/18

    What is the difference between a HomeBuyer Report & a Building Survey?

    What is the difference between HomeBuyer Reports & Building Surveys? All about surveys When you’re buying or selling a property there seems to be a never-ending stream of number of things to have to pay for. You have conveyancing solicitors, estate agents’ fees, managing agents’ costs and then – someone mentions a Homebuyers Survey! However, the difference between a survey ...

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  • Shenfield Networking Group, lunch Wednesday 10th October

    Shenfield Networking Group, lunch Wednesday 10th October

    We are pleased to announce our next meeting of our networking group for local business people which will be on Wednesday 10th October. It will be a lunch event from 12.30, held at Howe Chartered Surveyors, 1st Floor, 218 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Essex, CM15 8NR. There is no cost for this event. We hope you can join us and meet with like ...

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  • 05/03/18

    The Use Of Shipping Containers As Affordable Housing

    A Home On The High Seas –  The Use Of Shipping Containers As Affordable Housing Following the sharp rise in property prices here in the UK within the last few years, we have seen an obvious increase in demand for affordable, and high-quality housing. Both property buyers and self-builders alike are looking to try to maximise the amount of space provided ...

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  • Shenfield Networking Event

    Shenfield Networking Group, lunch Thursday 8th February

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year. We are pleased that the next meeting of our networking group for local business people will be on Thursday 8th February. It will be an lunch event 12.30-2pm, held at Howe Chartered Surveyors, 1st Floor, 218 Hutton Road. The cost is £10 (cash on the day) to include lunch and networking. If you bring ...

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  • HCS Cycle Club

    HCS Cycling Club – come join us opposite Shenfield Station on Sunday mornings! 

    If, like many of us, you’re a cycling fan, come join us at the HCS Cycling Club. Several of us at HCS cycle regularly, so we thought, why not start our own club and involve the local community? This club is in the early stages, and there are already plans to take part in team charity cycle events and ...

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  • Party Wall Act - what you should know

    Planning an excavation? Don’t dig yourself into a hole!

    Party Wall Act: the rules on excavations   When carrying out alterations to an existing property or building a new one, you may need to notify your neighbours in accordance with The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (the Act). For those who have not come across the Act before, simply put, it is a piece of legislation which enables owners of ...

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  • What I wish they taught me at university

    What I wish they’d taught me at university about the property industry (by Oana at HCS)

    by   Oana Lavinia Gutulescu BSc(Hons) MSc PgDip Building Surveyor The property industry is a diverse field that includes amongst other things planning, organising, designing, constructing and conveyancing. It’s global, and therefore it involves people of different education and social backgrounds. The property industry is a bridge between the financial sector and the built environment. When I went ...

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  • 10 words I hadn't heard of before working at HCS

    10 of the many words I hadn't heard of before working at HCS

    I started working at HCS just over a year ago, and at first I felt like at times they were talking in a completely different language. It certainly took a while for certain words to become familiar and whilst I still have a long way to go, here are some of the ones I use all the time… and know ...

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  • Unexpected things to find in a survey

    13 things you don’t expect to happen on a building survey

    You may believe that being a building surveyor is a boring and uneventful occupation but this can often be far from the truth. There are occasions that make you want to laugh, cry and defiantly cringe with shear embarrassment and sometime horror.

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  • Shenfield Networking Group

    Shenfield Networking Group Tuesday 25th April lunchtime!

    We're very proud to be hosting the next Shenfield Networking group - a great way to meet local businesses and network with them.

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